Fangirling Vs. Jealous Stalking

hallelujah! I wish I had said this first but am grateful to Karol for doing so. No media personality (or anybody else for that matter) deserves stalkers. Sam Heughan has been thrown into crazy media storm with his new found fame. Let’s hope he survives without scars.

Outlander Musings

I came across a tweet today that finally made me want to strangle someone concerning Outlander and Sam himself.

I’ve let a lot of the pet peeves I have with the Outlandish Community slide because many of our newbies are young or just trying to have fun in the Outlander Universe, but this is something I cannot ignore.

In the tweet, one of Sam’s followers asked Sam to watch out because some were harassing a lady he had been seen with, then proceeding to harass those in the fandom who would defend the lady…

Fan girl: a girl or female who is a fan of someone or something and expresses love for said person or thing in silly, innocent and often amusing ways….showing benign love.

Stalker: someone who doesn’t see reality, but are obsessed with someone, and seeks to cause rifts and harm and harassment to those around their obsession…

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Canada Dry…not the pop- the time between Outlander Episodes 8 & 9. What. To. Do.

Love you Canadians! I’ve been a fan of the Heughliots since I read your Tweet party on the very first Outlander episode!

ABOotlanders w/Sher

and here we sit. Waiting. This is what happens when you get addicted to Cracklander. You binge out and then there is a dry spell in town, problem is, we can’t hop in the car and go to the big city to score a hit or call Creepy Uncle Jack that Mom doesn’t ever want us to talk to…we have to wait it out.

bored Do I look impressed? No…it’s because I’m not.

So, we wait.  It’s a reallllll good thing that I have a shit load of friends waiting with me, tappin their own veins until episode 9 airs.  Our American friends at least “know” their kill switch date.  Us up here, in the great white…well…we can only hope that Showcase gets it right this time. HINT HINT!  Nope. I am NOT known for subtly.

Can you hear me NOW?!                               …

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Mid season finale

And so, after seven weeks of wishing that the week ahead would speed along so I could view the next episode of Outlander, Season One, I find myself hoping that next weekend takes its good old time. The near perfection of the Wedding and the Wedding Night is past which means there is only one more episode until that long mid-season break. As much as I look forward to seeing this fragile new relationship develop between Jamie and Claire, even knowing the pain and hurt to come, I dread the separation. So I have a feeling I’ll be joining thousands of other fans watching recordings of Episodes 1 through 8 and rereading the books (again). Perhaps, I’ll even go back and write some blog entries about the first half of the season. Until then, I leave you with this Episode 8 moment.

Outlander 2014